What I Offer

If you have read this far, I should say that as you further read through this Website, you will discover several things.

For some, you will find this is simply too much information about my background and the depth of my consulting abilities to be of help to you in countless ways.

On the other side, some of you will find I haven’t said enough, and you want to know more. I welcome your further inquiry to discuss in person the particular needs of your situation.

However, as you read through this, I think you will discover more about me than my mere skill sets, but my wholistic understanding of ministry as a generalist specialist.

I think you will also discover my deep passions for:
  • presenting story telling with a point
  • For resourcing under resourced organizations
  • For assisting organizations in transition
  • For expert consulting that draws upon the deep well of theory and practice (meaning the employment of critical thinking skills that are reflective and mindful), upon historical theology and the history of intellectual ideas that move toward real solutions for real life.

Karl Barth's desk with Isenheim Altarpiece -
One of my most foundational Theologians! 

How May I Serve You?

We live in the age of “Specialists.” The “Generalist” has gone the way of the dinosaur, or we like to think they have.
Yet, Generalists do still live and walk the earth, and I am chief among them. I like to define a “Generalist” as someone who must do everything at once. Julius Caesar (100 BCE - 44 BCE) once described how he handled an unexpected, simultaneous attack at the Nervii [territory of Belgic tribes] at three different points on his flanks, while part of his troops were crossing a river and another part were setting up camp. He is reported to have said, Omnia uno tempore agenda, or, “Everything had to be done at once” (William Bridges, Managing Transitions, 101). I would argue that even CEOs, COOs and so on, are Generalists, in their own way: who must not do everything at once these days? I can bring clarity and workable processes that will eliminate any confusion associated with what to do next.
I am an Expert Consultant in Ministry and Mission with proven, relevant and results oriented solutions, tailored to your specific needs. I am able to help you and your non-profit organization, church or (Messianic) synagogue find a way to getting “unstuck” and moving forward.
I am more than your “standard” consultant, with but one “skill set.” My consulting services draw upon my experience as an Educator, Christian Communicator, Fundraiser, Researcher, and trained scholar. Consequently, I combine the caring and competency needed to offer useful, workable solutions with real “grit”—that are inspiring and transformational.