Thomas C. Barnett

As you review my photo gallery, you will find that I am married to my first wife of thirty-seven years, have three grown children and a grandchild, my wife has a cat and I have a dog (what does that say about diversity!) and a social network of family and friends whom I love and upon whom I rely for support in ministry, in life and in this consulting service!


  1. Proud Parents
    Proud Parents
    My son's wedding - my wife and second daughter
  2. Rehearsal Dinner
    Rehearsal Dinner
    My son and my mother
  3. Beauty
    My wife and two daughters
  4. The guys
    The guys
    My sons in law and granddaughter
  5. Proud Grandparents
    Proud Grandparents
    Our new Grand Daughter

 “The Christ in me greets the Christ in you.”

My lovely wife and granddaughter

Educational Background
My professional education includes a Ph.D. from Saint Louis University, in the Intellectual History of Ideas, specializing in American Church History and Early American Colonial Church History, awarded through the Department of American Studies. This is primarily a research and teaching degree. I also hold a Doctor of Ministry Degree, awarded from The School of Theology, The University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. This is a professional degree in the theoria and praxis of ministry. I hold the Master of Divinity degree from a top tier evangelical seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, providing the foreign language and biblical-theological grounding necessary for fully mindful ministry.

My undergraduate degree (B.A.) is in Sociology, a discipline of study I have taught as an adjunct college faculty member, as well as the Bible as Literature, Church History, American History, The Civil War, Early Colonial American History and a Capstone Critical Thinking Class for college Seniors. I continue to teach and preach weekly in my present congregation, St. John’s Episcopal Church. 

I have specialized training in Practical Theology, of which the Theology of Pastoral Care is a sub-set; in Family Systems Theory received at the hand of Rabbi Edwin Friedman prior to his death; in Congregational Development for congregations of all shapes, sizes across the spectrum; in Financial Stewardship – Fundraising Annual and Ongoing Campaigns, as well as Capital Campaigns; and leading organizations in transition; to list just a few of my specialties.

Congregational Experience

I am an Episcopal Priest, ordained into the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church in the year 1980, by Bishop Victor Rivera, in the Diocese of San Joaquin, California.

Being in communion with numerous other denominations, and regardless of official recognition along denominational lines, “The Christ in me greets the Christ in you.” I am also close to the Baptists, as I married a Southern Baptist lady (whom I met in my college campus ministry days with The Navigators; she was the only sheep I ever stole!).

As a chaplain (now retired) who once served our country’s Armed Forces. In the military, I served a Fighter Wing of F-15’s, with a congregation of 1,400 personnel, and a large chapel support staff. I served on many active duty assignments/deployments at home and outside CONUS (Continental United States), including a year of active duty during Desert Storm, serving the victims of war at the Pentagon and Intelligence Community in Washington, D.C.; and I served the families and dependents of deployed personnel. I understand the dynamics and diverse nature of the varieties of religious expression along inter-faith lines and at all places and phases of one’s personal faith journey; all of which intersect at the spiritual, social, principled (sometimes a People of the Book, sometimes not … ), socio-economic and multi-cultural realities of religious expression. This includes the need to be pastorally sensitive to the person for whom his or her spiritual journey is  intentional and unintentional; recognized and unrecognized; about to come to light or coming to light. All that is to say, I feel very much at home with the various and sundry religious backgrounds which we find on our religious landscape called American religious experience. 

I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whether having served congregations as a seminarian, as Vicar of a Mission, Rector of a Parish, Associate Interim Rector or Interim Rector, I have served a wide variety of nine congregations of all sorts, sizes, budgets and descriptions.

  • I am a consultant and mentor for renewing or revitalizing congregations, faith-based organizations, and non-profit agencies.
  • I am a preacher.
  • I am a pastor-teacher.
  • I am a specialist in Transition Ministry.
  • I am a specialist in Fundraising, in Church Growth, in Congregational Development, Visioning and Implementing Missional Initiatives.
  • I am a highly successful catalyst for conducting “Turn Around” Ministries.
  • I am a seasoned practitioner of Rabbi Edwin Friedman’s Family Systems Theory. 
  • I am the Lead Pastor in my present congregation.